CAFE is an initiative that ties together and place under one umbrella all the computational research activities in the Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environments in the Rehovot campus of the Hebrew University.

Our Faculty is a leader in the fields of Agriculture, Food and Environment. We are a group of faculty members with strong computational background that combine approaches from computer sciences, physics, chemistry, math and engineering for multidisciplinary studies. Today it is clearer than ever that such approaches are necessary for breakthrough research that enables to adapt agricultural practices to the changing climate, and to provide sufficient and healthy food for the growing population using the concepts of One World and One Health.

The geographic and geopolitical situation of Israel since its establishment, together with water scarcity and hot climate, led to advancement of highly innovative approaches to enhance food production, including implementation of agro-technologies and water recycling. Water scarcity and drought conditions in Israel make it both the source of climate-adapted wild seeds, and a scientific “sandbox” for changing climate conditions. The climate conditions in Israel serve as a preview of conditions to reach other regions of the world within a few decades or less.

The geographic and climate conditions converge with two additional factors: outstanding, well trained and experienced human capital, and the ecosystem of creativity, innovation and opportunities that is typical of Israel. Specifically, Israel serves as a world hub in high technology and is a global leader in number of patents filed per capita.